6 cute iPhone widgets that do all the work for my tired brain

Widgets are one of my favorite iPhone tools, and widgets can turn a boring grid of app icons into a nice, usable home screen. Some widgets provide quick access to information, but I like widgets that can help me and remind me to do things that I forget. When I’m away from home, I use these widgets to keep up with everything, whether it’s a reminder of an important event or just a fun show I want to watch later.

What is a widget anyway? A widget is an app or part of an app that sits on your home screen and works whether you open it or not.

You don’t need to open the Weather app to check the weather, you can just add the Weather widget to your home screen. Similarly, you can find widgets that tell you about the battery life of your phone and accessories, widgets that show photos from your gallery, and widgets that track your steps and fitness, just like the best Apple Watch.

(Image credit: Future/Philip Berne)

In addition to widgets that provide information at a glance, I also like widgets that are a quick shortcut to apps, especially list building. I don’t need to open Notes or to-do list apps. Instead, I can just tap the widget and it will automatically create a new post.

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