Dead Space Remake has an awesome feature that I won’t be using

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that Dead space the remake will be full of blood, guts and gore just like the original game. But thankfully, Electronic Arts has added an extra feature that will help the faint of heart reach Isaac’s scientist girlfriend, Nicole, without losing eight out of nine lives.

Before you even set foot in the Ishimura ultrasound, you’ll be met with a content warning that reads: “Dead space contains graphic violence, including explicit images of dismemberment, impalement, blood, blood, vomiting, and death. Gameplay and cinematic scenes depict numerous traumatic events and depict harmful mental health behaviors. Topics include self-harm and suicidal thoughts, death of colleagues and relatives, claustrophobia, psychosis, visual/auditory delusions and obsessive behavior.”

This warning is not the only effort by EA to help players get through all the tough situations. There is a switch in the game that warns you before horribly deformed necromorphs jump onto the screen or a disturbing scene of self-mutilation occurs.

(Image credit: EA)

If that’s not enough for you, EA even went a step further and added a second toggle that is used to hide disturbing incidents. With this option enabled, you will no longer see mutated monsters as they will be blurry. Isaac Clarke’s death animations will also not be visible, replaced by a black screen. This might be for the best considering how messed up some of them are. No one likes to see a blade slice through someone’s chest or a tentacle digging into the back of the head and tearing through the mouth.

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