The new RTX 4090 from Gigabyte solves the biggest problem with the graphics card

With the release of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090, we have entered a new era of cable management, especially due to issues with the 12VHPWR cable leading to the card, which can pose a fire hazard if misplaced.

This has made cable management even more important for the best graphics card on the market and the new Gigabyte card Windforce RTX 4090 V2 takes an innovative approach to solving the problem: hit the power connector on the back of the card, not the top.

The new card, which has not yet gone on sale, has a 16-pin power connector located behind the graphics card fan shroud. This means connecting it to your PSU with a 4-to-1 cable adapter for older PSUs or one of the new 12VHPWR cables compatible with the new ATX 3.0 PSUs should be a lot easier.

(Image credit: Gigabyte)

Placing this power connector will greatly reduce the amount of cable bending required to connect the card. How VideoCardz notes that the traditional graphics card design has the power cable located on top of the PCB that comes out of the case when inserted into a vertical case, forcing the power cable to be bent to insert the connector into the card.

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