This smart telescope knows how to find stars and overcome light pollution

If you look at the night sky you can see stars and even a bright planet and of course the moon. You won’t see the galaxies and billions of stars that share the universe with these brighter objects. It’s because Research shows (opens in a new tab) 80% of the world’s population lives under light-polluted skies. At CES 2023, Unistellar unveils a smart telescope that seems to reflect light and reveal the wonders of the universe to everyone.

The new eQuinox 2 is a 400x telescope – an upgrade over the original model with a better photo sensor and a wider field of view – that has no visible knobs or user controls. A gray, sleek optical device caught my eye during the first press night of CES. At about two feet long, it’s obviously a stargazer, but the lack of physical controls can confuse you. Should not.

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